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Ready to leave your kitchen table?

CoWork Oberlin Reopening

How we are keeping our members safe

When you are ready to work somewhere other than your kitchen table or dining room, we are ready for you. The CoWork team has been working behind the scenes during our closure to make sure that our space is safe for returning members.

Here are our new processes to address Covid-19 concerns:

· We have reconfigured some spaces to create work areas using the social distancing recommendations, and we have marked others per the distancing guidelines.

· The private conference room is closed for now.

· Private meetings can be held in CoWork’s larger event space. Tables have been set up with only one chair per table and the appropriate amount of distance between tables. Please reserve the room prior to use.

· We have increased the frequency for cleaning of the CoWork space by an outside service. There is daily sanitation of the facility by CoWork staff including door knobs, light switches and the bathroom areas.

· Signage will be placed throughout the facility to reinforce cleaning and distancing protocols.

· We are disinfecting common areas more frequently.

· Complimentary disinfectant spray and hand sanitizers are located throughout the CoWork Space.

·All community programs will continue to be offered virtually.

If we work together, we can stay healthy and safe. Guidelines for using the space:

· If we all wear masks we are helping one another. Masks are required when working in the open spaces at CoWork. Of course, we want you to enjoy your beverage of choice or a quick snack in your work area. Just put your mask back on after you are done before walking through the facility.

· Your work surface should be sprayed with disinfectant spray after your work is completed. Let the surface air dry.

· The work surfaces in the event area should be sprayed down after any private meeting. The surfaces should air dry

· Disposable plates, cups and cutlery are in use in the kitchen area.

· Please wipe down the counter after using the kitchen.

· Gloves are available and recommended in the kitchen area. After use please dispose in the trash receptacle.

· If you are not feeling well, have a cold, or a fever please stay home and take care of yourself.

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